Ads in the Age of DVR

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010 in Integrated Marketing Communication

This Sunday is Hallloween. That signifies that fall is in full swing, costumes are assembled and candy is ready to go. During the Halloween season the past couple of years the Reeses Pieces ad has always caught my eye.

The simplicity of the ad that creatively wishes it’s audience a Happy Halloween makes me want to bite into a cup all of my own. If you question the power of advertisements, I can attest to this one.

Watching advertisements has always been something I enjoy; but, commericals such as the Reese’s ad may be lost on a segment of people who have one thing in common: DVR.

According to the Nielsen company in 2007, DVR penetration was 20.5%. This increased by 156% since January 2006. This significant growth in DVR use within households could have serious implications for advertisements and calls to question the future of television advertisements in the era of digital video recorders.

It has been shown that fast fowarding through commercials reduces the impact of advertising as much as avoidance of commercials. Avoidance and fast fowarding are extremely similar and both present the challenge of making advertisements worth while to watch.

Reese’s has definitely met that mark, in my opinion. Have you seen any commericials lately that make you take your finger off of the fast forward button and watch?

Reese’s Halloween Commercial

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