Mission: Important!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2010 in Organizational Leadership

This morning, I attended a breakfast benefitting the Communication and Leadership Program and MBA program at Canisius College. It was the first opportunity that I have had to hear the new President of the College speak. John J. Hurley was inaugurated as the 24th President on October 16. Three weeks into his new position, his address focused on the importance of keeping Canisius at the forefront of education through infrastructural development and growth. President Hurley also emphasized the need to stay true to the mission of Canisius as the college begins to make exciting changes.

In the case of Canisius, the mission statement includes “emphasizing excellence in teaching, marked by intellectual vigor, close student-faculty relations, and an expectation of active rather than passive learning.” The ongoing commitment to quality education comes first and foremost.

It was refreshing to hear President Hurley emphasize the need for adherence to the mission of Canisius College. So often it is lost in day to day operations. If staff and students cannot tell you the mission of the organization- how can they begin to embody what it stands for? In every organization, a commitment to core values is essential for progress.

A popular example of an organization that “lives its mission” is Southwest Airlines. Southwest is renowned for service and a positive, dedicated staff. The mission and vision of the organization drives the company forward.

For Canisius, this push toward the future and the commitment to playing “a significant role in fashioning the world of the 21st century by contributing its own special blend of academic excellence, personal concern, and an optimistic commitment to the future” will be the propelling force in making Canisius an even stronger institution in years to come. Can you think of any other qualities an organization needs to have in order to promote success?

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