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Posted by on Dec 9, 2010 in Integrated Marketing Communication

This morning in the ComLead office, we were discussing a topic that Professor Dahlberg has recently discussed in class. While watching the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a new film based off of the popular book by Steig Larsson, there was only one thing more prominent than the black eyeliner worn by Lisbeth Salander: Apple product placement. Even to the untrained eye the impressions of Mac products throughout the movie is astounding.  Even more so is that Mac technology was described in detail throughout the pages of the book.

Lisbeth Salandar, main character in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

On page 236 Larsson writes, “The rucksack contained her white Apple iBook 600 with a 25-gig hard drive and 420 megs of RAM, manufactured in January 2002 and equipped with a 14-inch screen. At the time she bought it, it was Apple’s state-of-the-art laptop.” An avid fan? Clearly.

A different example of unsubtle product placement is in the TV show  American Idol (remember that show?). According to Martin Lindstrom in his book Buy ology, “Coke permeated 60 percent of the show’s running time with is artfully placed cups, furniture…and Coke-red walls.” They found that product placement worked. In the study conducted by Lindstrom, participants more readily recalled the branded logo compared with unbranded logos.

Advertisers are constantly finding new ways to reach buyers. Are there any instances you can recall when product placement caught your attention?

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