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Posted by on May 24, 2011 in ComLead

A couple weeks ago I went to a concert in Boston. While trying to escape the rain, my friends and I found ourselves in Best Buy. While perusing the Mac Products, I was excited to see the use of QR codes. When I scanned them, I was led to a website that was not configured to run on a mobile device, and there was no incentive. Sorry Best Buy, but it was boring.

Mobile commerce is still new. In a recent study conducted by Ogilvy, the majority of innovators used their phone for purchase of a product. However, only 5% of mobile phone users were innovators. This shows the exciting for capacity for growth in mobile commerce. Mcommerce also presents an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships with a business. If the experience with a mobile application is successful, it can increase customer loyalty and the likelihood for a repeat purchases.

Currently, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the potential of mcommerce. As businesses try to navigate the best ways to motivate consumers return to mobile websites, native apps and web apps, some things to consider are sites that are quick, optimized for display on each specific device and easily navigable. When working on a small device, even the smallest inconveniences can put a halt on a customer’s search.

Since the use of mobile commerce is so new, it is important to nurture its growth with support from other marketing tactics. E-mail and text messaging campaigns should give information or prompt use of mcommerce apps or products. Even traditional advertisements such as outdoor billboards could be employed to drive traffic to mobile sites.

Take a look at what Expedia’s Joe Megibow, VP of Mobile Optimization and Commerce says on the matter and let us know your thoughts:

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