Why Tweet?

Posted by on Jul 8, 2011 in ComLead

Every time I talk about Twitter with someone who doesn’t use it, I am usually met with the response that “it is just a bunch of Facebook statuses”. The only things that twitter posts and Facebook statuses have in common are that they are short. So why tweet? What is the value in it and why do people tweet approximately 200 million times per day?

Conversation- Any topic, any time. By using a #hashtag, each person who wants to refer to a topic of conversation can contribute their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Yesterday, President Obama held the first ever Twitter town hall, answering questions from the public who tweeted to @thewhitehouse and contributed questions via the hashtag #askobama. From these questions, the President discussed the economy, jobs, the war, and the importance of investing in technology. This session gave people direct access to the President, and opened up a worldwide conversation among anyone who wanted to be a part of the conversation.

Observation- For those who may not be ready to converse, but want to learn and listen. Being able to engage with users throughout the world is an excellent asset. You can read what professors, technology experts and cohorts are saying, thinking and reading. This grants any user a plethora of information just from reading a Twitter Feed. Think of a constant news feed- designed by the user to suit interests and careers. Before conversing via Twitter, I used it to read on new trends in social media, to learn about weekend activities in the City of Buffalo, and what jobs were available in the field of Public Relations. Not bad, for 140 characters or less.

So with that, for me Twitter is all about education. Learning more from peers and those who have an opinion that you respect. Each individual user can find that Twitter can be tailored to a need. How do you tweet?

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