What to do When you Aspire to be an Executive

Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations, Organizational Leadership

Professionals are constantly working on developing strengths and skill sets in order to move upward in their career. What makes a person ready for a position at the top? I discussed what types of preparation those looking to make a career move can do with Judi Spear, MS. An alumni of Canisius College ComLead program, Ms. Spear has created a partnership with Canisius and RV Rhodes to deliver executive coaching to those looking to make that move from mid level to top positions.

RV Rhodes is a talent management company that specializes in creating strategic solutions and tools for companies and individuals. RV Rhodes works to address challenges that companies may be having, and focus on the most efficient way to overcome them.

Similarly, in the upcoming Aspiring Executive Series, Ms. Spear will be providing comprehensive coaching to individuals. “The skills we work on focus on the strengths of participants, as well as how to manage individual challenges” The key to strengthening these C-Suite skills is to be thorough. In the Aspiring Executive Series, “goals and expectations are set, hours of one-on-one coaching occur and there are process check meetings to ensure progress.” Spear continued.

The Aspiring Executive Series will also be bringing in Dave Farrow, Guinness Book of Records titleholder and memory professional. Farrow will work with Aspiring Leaders to cultivate skills of remembering and using them to enhance productivity. The combination of these sessions will be sure to give participants the skills they need to use strengths, acknowledge challenges and prepare individuals for a pivotal transition in their career.

Leadership is not innate and takes time to develop and prepare in order to make the move to the corner office. The 8-week series being offered by Canisius College and RV Rhodes has been met with overwhelmingly positive response. Chistopher Leardini, VP, Controller/Treasurer at Health Now Inc, called the program invaluable.

“Not only did it allow me to better understand my own strengths, styles, and how they’re perceived, but it has enabled me to do similar assessments of my staff and has changed how I interact with them.  Judi and her team made the Series practical enough so that it was never about ‘training’, but rather provided straight-forward, no-nonsense feedback and discussion that could be immediately integrated directly back into the workplace yielding tangible results.”

With each person who has the drive to move upward, individual coaching and strategic tools are necessary. Programs such as RV Rhodes offer solutions to the personal challenges that professionals experience when growing in their career, and these tools are important for success and finally getting your name on the corner office.

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