Bigger than a Brand

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in ComLead

What do Guinness, Moleskin and Google have in common? They are Lovemarks. They are brands that consumers are devout to. It is not based off of logic and surpasses brand loyalty. If you are anything like me, this type of emotional connection to a brand seems a little bit extreme. But, from a marketer’s perspective, this status is ideal.

Consider the time, money and effort that companies invest convincing people to try a product. A Lovemark has established its value to the point that no other substitute will suffice. Think this type of relationship between a person and a product doesn’t exist? Think again. Think about Apple, Starbucks or the Buffalo Bills. The people that advocate for these brands do not focus on how great the operating system is or the value of Pike’s Place roast. When they talk about their Lovemark, they talk about how the brand has served them; they tell a story of how it has impacted their life.

I do not have a Lovemark.  I haven’t found a brand identity or culture that is irreplaceable to me. But I do have know a person who only uses Clinique Mascara, only eats Jiffy Peanut Butter, or will only consider buying Ugg boots. Anything else simply will not do.

Respect is the catalyst to categorizing a brand as a Lovemark. Other characteristics include mystery, sensuality and intimacy. These adjectives are not usually combined to describe a brand relationship, but Pawle and Cooper (2006) suggest that emotions are what drive decision making. In fact, emotion plays more of a role in the decision making process than logical reasoning. When taking this into consideration, it makes sense that a Lovemark can transcend pragmatic thought.

It seems that a brand needs to be special in order to be a Lovemark. It needs to connect with a person in a way that is individualized and unique. This reemphasizes the need for marketers to not only brand a product on a tangible level, but also an emotional level. What is your Lovemark? Check out others at here.

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