Advertising’s Big Day

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in ComLead

The Superbowl is tomorrow! That means an abundant supply of chicken wings, beer, and the most talk about commercials you get in one day (unless you work at an ad agency, I suppose).

There are some unique features to Superbowl XLVI. For one, it is the first Superbowl that you are able to watch completely online at The only downfall is that you don’t get to see the same commercials you would if you were watching in on TV. Safe to say I am sticking with my LCD. After all, advertisers spend 3.5 million dollars on a 30 second spot. I want to see all the creativity and humor that money can buy.

Some companies like Audi released their commercial early via social media sites.

Kia got in the game by previewing their spot with a teaser featuring Victoria Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima.

I know a lot of people watch the Superbowl to see some football. I happen to watch them for those 30 second spots. Last year, Volkwagen, Doritos and Chrysler stole the show. Who do you think are this year’s contenders?

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