TV Goes Social

Posted by on Feb 25, 2012 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication

TV is changing. Every time I watch it, I am using another device. TV has always been social. People gather to watch shows together. It is a source of news and entertainment. But the idea of social is evolving. Now, as I watch The Voice on NBC, I am tweeting about how dreamy Adam Levine is. Celebrity Judge Cee-lo Green is tweeting to fellow judges about contestants. There is a social media correspondent!

The same network is also set to air a new TV show called Fashion Star. This show will display fashion designs that viewers will be able to purchase the next day in stores. The marketing implications for this are vast. Consider how instantaneous this is. The clothes have an inherent audience that will be able to purchase almost immediately. This integration creates engagement with customers that not only are experiencing entertainment, but also a very blatant sales pitch. I wonder if it will be received as accessible or pushy. It will be interesting to see how it is executed on the premiere

Another show that is going show is the annual award show, The Academy Awards. There are a few apps that have formatted the show for dialogue with live chats and a more digital focus. According to Mashable, social startup Umami has created a dashboard (called Dishboard) to aggregate what people are talking about during the show.  This gives information on trending topics and most talked about aspects of the show. The app also allows users to take FreezeFrame moments of the show and then share them on social media sites.

How do you use social media when watching TV? Do you participate more than you have in the past?

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