Contests that Build Nonprofits

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012 in ComLead, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations

Online fundraiser Razoo created an event called Give to the Max Day in Washington DC. It had three goals: train non-profits in online fundraising, raise money for participating nonprofits and strengthen donor relations. This was accomplished with three strategies in mind.

  1. The contest emphasized the number of donors, not the amount of individual donations.
  2. A program was implement  that taught nonprofit methods for sustaining fundraising efforts.
  3. Marketing efforts were used to build awareness and generate buzz for the one day event.

The contest between the different non profits  gave the fundraiser a little friendly competition. This dynamic motivated organizations to put newly learned techniques to use! Classes were taught by nonprofit professionals that covered best practices in social media, donor cultivation and online storytelling. There was also a supplementary toolkit with additional information. This was a guide to help organizations with the actual practice of generating donations. Marketing helped to spread awareness through donated air time on the TV and radio. It also gave a foundation for word of mouth communication within the community.

The results were positive. Give to the Max Day raised $1.8 million through over 17, 800 individual donations. This type of event has successfully spread to other cities in Ohio and Texas. It gave a renewal to the importance of marketing and proper use of social media when fundraising. Although social media can be nebulous, when organizations engage Twitter, Facebook and email, results can be profound. The key is for organizations to be educated and strategic in their approach. For more information on Give to the Max Day, read the case study here.

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