Brand Yourself

On April 13th Becky Livingston, President of Royal Apple Marketing, is visiting the Communication and Leadership program to discuss what it takes to develop a personal brand. The idea of a personal brand has a lot of buzz around it lately. It may be because there are now two different interfaces to help a person create their own niche professionally.

There are dozens of social media tools. If used transparently, they are a great medium to teach people about who you are. Social Media guru? Human Resource innovator? Utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter can help support the adjectives you use to describe yourself. They demonstrate the variety of ways that you are participating online. Through the blogs you read, the forums posted in and the articles re-tweeted, each piece of information that you distribute gives a better idea of what interests you. This helps to refine your personal brand.


A personal brand also happens face to face. Dress and presentation contribute to how people perceive you.These things sound so basic, but think about how important first impressions are. Appearance is the first step to getting employers or colleagues to take your portfolio or resume serious.

I am looking forward to Becky discussing the many other things that help cultivate a personal brand: communication in crisis situations, effective use of social media, and more. Use #SMBrandCanisius and at 2pm on Friday April 13th to participate and learn more!

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