Zero Moment of Truth

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Organizational Leadership

Google published a book called the Zero Moment of Truth that opened my eyes to how pervasive mobile technology is during the purchasing process of consumers. I think about how relevant it is in my own life and it is suprising how seamlessly it has integrated into my own consumer behavior.

For instance, during class I saw a student wearing Tom’s shoes. I liked them. Instead of asking her about them, I went on my phone and searched for the brand, the cost of shoes, the color options. Later, I asked my roommate. Word of mouth and search was engrained in my decision making process. And I didn’t really know I was doing it.

That is what Google calls the zero moment of truth. Going online to learn more. To decide which type of product you are going to buy. Am I going to purchase those shoes? Will I find another alternative that I like better?

Google states that the zero moment of truth, or ZMOT  is the “power to help shoppers make great decisions and its power to help companies tell their stories at the moment of highest impact.” There a many ways to make sure that the companies’ brand and story is present and impactful during that ZMOT.

One way is to make the process a conversation. Marketers can no longer just push products on consumers and expect them to be purchased. Dialogue needs to occur, and this discussion can be a key factor in the decision for a person to buy your brand.

It is important to be present when consumers go looking for information because so many people are taking place in this ZMOT. According to research, the average shopper used 10.4 sources of information to make a decision in 2011, up from 5.3 sources in 2010. That is 10.4 oppotunities to begin building a relationship with consumers at the crucial moment after they first decided to explore the product in more detail. Google breaks it down like this:

This opportunity provides marketers with more opportunity to make an impression, and it shouldn’t be ignored. How have you experieced the ZMOT?

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