Work Life Balance

Posted by on May 10, 2012 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

Trying to manage a career and a family is challenging. It is hard to not feel guilty or get the sensation that you are missing out when work comes before children or your spouse. Often times professionals find themselves devoting more time to work than other aspects of their life. Realigning all areas of your life to make it more balances is something that only you can do.

Nigel Marsh, author of Overworked and Underlaid gave a TED talk on steps that can be taken in order to reprioritze your life.

1. Admit there is a problem: If you are not aware of the disproportionate time you are spending at work, then nothing can be done to change it. Long hours at an unsatisfying job to buy material things from which you derive to pleasure from is not okay. No longer accept that as the status quo, and begin to explore what can change.

2. Face the truth: Companies are not going to try and figure out work-life balance for you. It is not the responsibility of your employer to make sure you spend time with your family. From a business standpoint, the more time you spend working for them, the better. So why would they advocate for change? It is up to you to set limitations.

3. Be realistic: Marsh suggests determining what your ideal day would be, and working from there. Of course that ideal day is not going to happen every single day, but understanding what makes you happy is important to keep in mind. Balance can not occur in a day, but small victories are important. These victories will help you enjoy life sooner.

4. Approach balance in a balanced way. Work life balance is not going to occur immediately. Keeping track of emotional, physical and spiritual needs- on TOP of daily obligations can be daunting. In order to limit being overwhelmed, make small changes over time. These small changes can make big differences to those around you. They did for Nigel. For more info, watch his TED Talk:

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