Dreaming of Video Storytelling

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations

Dreaming of Video Storytelling

I recently discovered the Daily DoGooder, and I cannot. stop. watching.

The site serves up a seemingly bottomless platter of fresh-picked video goodies: short clips that aim to “change the world one video at a time.” The issues range from marriage equality and environmental sustainability to international movements like World Water Day. After I watch a film, like the one below, I’m instantly eager to join the movement. Then I watch the next video, and again I’m completely moved.

Thinking Versus Feeling

There’s something intensely powerful about video as a medium. This is especially true in the world of nonprofits and social change, which relies on creating deep, meaningful connections among people and issues, across social, racial and national divides. While fact sheets and websites can help us understand a need, videos let us feel it.

Why does that matter? If you’re marketing a product or campaigning for a social issue, you need people to change their minds. You need them to agree with the need – to buy in. Research has found that the most successful appeals target our hearts, not our heads.

Tell Your Story

If the viral success of video campaigns like Kony 2012 proved anything, it’s that a rising generation of leaders is passionate about social change – and video is their medium of choice.

So you want to tap into their passion and share your story through video? Don’t be discouraged by the thought that you’ll need a full documentary team or a room of professional animators to make a great film for your non-profit.

Today, if you champion a social cause you can find a whole bunch of resources to help you create and share a powerful and impactful video. All it takes is a video camera – even the one on your phone can work – and a great story of your organization’s super inspiring impact.

Check out some of my favorite links & instructional videos to get you started:

DoGooder’s Video Awards – a great primer on video-making tips and a series of instructional youtube clips 

TechSoup Digital Storytelling Methodsideas for making a video from “action!” to online in less than an hour 

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