The #1 Skill Your Next Boss Wants

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The #1 Skill Your Next Boss Wants

What’s the number ONE skill that will set you apart in the eyes of your boss or your next manager?

That’s the kind of question business magazines and leadership experts profess to solve with each new article. A 2012 study1 reviewed 217 such publications in the pursuit of an answer to just that question, and the results are in: communication skills are absolutely essential for business success.

The study scoured literature from management experts, leadership theorists, business education professionals, communication researchers, and business development writers, and distilled the most recommended skills into three essential categories. If you’re looking to build or highlight your communication abilities, these categories are where to start. Show you have the goods by bolstering your abilities in these three areas:

  1. Organization communication skills,
  2. Leadership communication skills, and
  3. Interpersonal communication skills.

Really, the best leaders can get things done within the unique structure of their organization, can influence others to create positive changes, and can work effectively with others. Whether you are an engineer, a student, a nonprofit executive or an advertiser, these skills are universally important. These three areas of communication skills determine your effectiveness at work, no matter your industry or title.

Organizational, leadership and interpersonal communication skills are foundational. And organizational expert Jim Collins confirms – “In a world of constant change, the fundamentals are more important than ever.”

How can you master the fundamentals of organizational effectiveness? Take the leap – and consider a Master’s in Communication and Leadership! The program is designed to build these most essential skills; discover where a degree could take you.



1. Conrad, D. & Newberry, R. (2012). Identification and instruction of important business communication skills for graduate business education. Journal of Education for Business, 87, 112-120. DOI: 10.1080/08832323.2011.576280

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