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Quiet Leadership and Pink Hockey Laces

There is a type of leadership called quiet leadership; these individuals work behind the scenes understanding how their personal values are important to frame how they proceed in all they do.  Quiet leaders are careful, thoughtful and are often introverts. The quiet leader understands the impact of doing small things.

I wander into the garage and see hockey skates with the brightest hot pink laces I have ever seen. There is a smile on my face at the image that these skates create: a hockey team full of men in their forties and fifties playing hockey and purposefully standing out. They are wearing pink and they are proud. They skate in pink to support a team member whose wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  What a wonderful, small gesture to show someone you care.

According to Susan G. Koman for the Cure, every 19 seconds  someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer, and every 74 seconds, someone in the world dies of breast cancer. And this is not just a cancer experienced by women. Men are also diagnosed with this disease. But there is hope and life with early diagnosis and treatment.

Two women I called friends lost their battle with breast cancer. Friends and family watched their strength and courage as they came to grips with their diagnosis. Both women found ways to be the support for their family. Both were women of faith, both were not bitter or angry, both were concerned about how their loved ones would react and survive. They were strong, positive examples for everyone around them.

Breast cancer not only impacts individuals who are diagnosed, but also all those who love and care for them. One friend, Carolyn wrote her daughters a letter of full of hope for their future. In that letter, Carolyn gave her children strength because she let them know she was not afraid no bitter. She told them of her love for them and her dreams for them both. It was a beautiful testament of a mother’s love.

We all know of someone who has battled cancer. We have all been touched by those who care.

So, weeks later, the hockey laces are still a bright pink, the small gesture of support continues.  I smile and am grateful to have a quiet leader in my life.

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