Cost-effective Marketing Outside of the Web

Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in ComLead

Last week’s post focused on online marketing tips that really come in handy when we’re on a budget. Whether it’s adding video to your website, using search engine optimization to enhance your online presence, or beefing up your social media pages, the internet has our back when it comes to marketing. Most organizations are just uploading an online version of its newsletter these days to save cost on printing hundreds of copies.  Check out 2014 Communication & Leadership Alumni Newsletter here.

But let’s face it, we can’t use the internet for all marketing, even though we may like to. This post will offer some ideas for nonprofits looking to save a few dollars without running to the web.

  1. Sponsorship for Print Ads – According to the textbook, Effective Strategies for Nonprofits Real World Strategies That Work by Ilona Bray, print ads are typically pretty expensive, but getting corporate sponsorship for the ad is a creative and  cost-effective way to cover the cost.
  2. The Media loves Story Hooks – Your nonprofit isn’t going to typically make the news just because it’s a good cause, but by finding a way to “hook” it in to something else going on in the news, or some larger picture, journalists will be on it!
  3. The good old fashion telephone – Ask your volunteers to take part in a phone-a-thon and spend a day calling local companies or maybe just your friends and family asking for their support. Whether you’re asking them to attend your next event, or make a donation to your cause, people often appreciate a rare phone call.
  4. Take advantage of your local coffee joint – Head over to your neighborhood cafe such as Buffalo’s Spot Coffee to hang your flyer on their community board. People love to support local causes, and most likely the type of audience you’re looking to attract are the ones checking out those bulletins.

These are just a few tips on how to get the buzz about your organization out there, but you should purchase the textbook, Effective Strategies for Nonprofits Real World Strategies That Work for more ideas. I hope these were helpful, and truly appreciate any comments on what has worked (or hasn’t worked) for you.


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