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Continuing the theme from the last few posts on charitable giving, I’ve recently learned of a new way for people to make a “centscere” impact on charities they care about.

Centscere allows people to attach a few cents on various actions they make on social media every day. For every Facebook post, “like” or tweet made, an individual can allocate $.05 (or however much they choose) to benefit a cause they care about.

According to this article by eMarketer, it is expected that U.S. adults will spend 5 hours 46 minutes with digital media daily in 2014. And not only do we spend an exorbitant amount of our lives on the internet, but this article by Business Insider says  that social is now the top internet activity, with more time spent on it than all other outlets, including email.

This initiative is groundbreaking for both social media platforms and nonprofit organizations, because it’s truly a win-win situation for both sides. Now that Centscere is introducing purpose to our time spent on social, it makes for a much more meaningful experience than what we’ve been accustomed to lately. Let’s be honest, I think most of us probably spend too much time watching cat videos and Instagramming our dinner plate than we should. This idea is ingenious for both nonprofit organizations who are doing great work and for all of us social networkers to feel like we’re making a tangible impact in our communities.

Centscere offers nonprofit organizations in a variety of fields, including arts & culture, faith, health, animals, food, environment, relief and social action. One nonprofit in particular that really stands out to me is Joseph’s House for Women, an organization in CNY that’s dedicated to women with unplanned pregnancies. When my fiance lived in Syracuse, he would volunteer there on a regular basis and was so moved by the amazing people he met in that ministry. We actually attended a concert by Christian music artist, Matt Maher in Syracuse a few months ago with event proceeds benefiting Joseph’s House. I think I know which organization I’m going to set up my $.05 social clicks to benefit!

Share with us your thoughts on this way of fundraising and which nonprofit organization you would like to see on there.

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