2014 In Review

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2014 In Review

Happy New Years Eve, readers! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family.

As I awoke the morning to read the much anticipated 2014 year in review, my excitement quickly dissipated into sadness, as I realized that the highlights of this year were outbreaks of disease, tragic loss, and natural disasters.

Here’s a glimpse at the stories that made the terrifying list of this NBC article:

1. Ebola outbreak

2. Malaysia airline disasters

3. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner

4. The rise of ISIS

OK, enough already! I’m not even halfway through this article and I can’t take anymore. No wonder why there is such a disengagement of  millennials with television news. No wonder why  we would rather read celebrity gossip, or spend hours on BuzzFeed to distract ourselves from reality. It’s all just so depressing, and this is our method of escape.

The top featured article on BuzzFeed today is “21 Fancy Drinks To Help You Forget 2014.” We basically want to forget the big “mess” of this past year, and numb ourselves with a tall glass of Raspberry Sgroppino, or something just as fancy.

But what if there were a revolution in the media? What if we spent just one day focusing on all the good happening in the world and left behind all the bad stuff? I don’t think the old adage that happy occasions aren’t newsworthy really holds true anymore. It’s exactly what people want these days. Our generation is so sick and tired of hearing over and over again the same stories regarding shootings and sicknesses.

What about a story that’s life giving, instead of life ending? What about a story in mainstream media that’s wholesome? Fulfilling? Uplifting?

My wish for this New Year is that the media, and as a society, we focus more on the light.

See you in 2015!







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