Meditation: Your Inner Vacation

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

Meditation: Your Inner Vacation

It’s Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM and a multitude of thoughts are flooding your head. The project you have to finish for your boss in the next hour. Rushing home and whipping up dinner. Getting the kids to practice. The leak in your basement.  Your father’s declining health.

Just breathe. No, really. Just. Breathe.

Life is busy. Life is complex. There’s so much to get done in one day, you often wonder how in just 24 hours you fit it all in. One of the best ways to relax ourselves and better manage stress is through the practice of mindful meditation.  Research shows that if you spend a few minutes a day focusing on your breathing, simply concentrating on the ins and outs of your breath and this moment in time– endless benefits will result.

Take a look at this article by Charles A. Francis, co-founder and director of the Mindful Meditation Institute to see all the ways in which mindful meditation can improve your life. Just to name a few…

  1. Lowers stress – Name one person in this day and age that wouldn’t benefit from stress management. Exactly.
  2. Improves relationships – It’s difficult for people to listen to others when the only words they can hear are the thoughts in their own head. Meditation will improve your thinking and listening abilities which will make for better conversations with your peers.
  3. Better health – Meditation strengthens your immune system.

These benefits will transition to both your work and personal life. You will find that you will be more at ease and more agreeable. You will be a better communicator both in listening and speaking, and you will be more concentrated. These are the characteristics of leadership, and here at Canisius College we’re all about forming men and women into great leaders.

Now that we’ve read how meditation can help us, how do we do it? And no, you don’t need to sit on a yoga mat “umm-ing” for twenty minutes. This article from Psychology Today describes the simplicity of mindful meditation, and here it is in three easy steps.

  1. Find a comfy, cozy spot away from distractions.
  2. Practice deep breathing. Let the air settle down into your lungs and then slowly exhale out through your mouth.
  3. Focus on your breathing technique. When thoughts slip into your mind, purposefully bring yourself back to the moment.

There are plenty of opportunities to practice meditation both at the Canisius College Counseling Center, and in the Buffalo community. Try it out and then share with us how it’s improved your quality of life.

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