Bad Things Happen to Good Careers

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Bad Things Happen to Good Careers

Last Tuesday, the M.S. Communication & Leadership program along with Canisius Graduate Admissions sponsored a Women On The Rise event titled, Bad Things Happen To Good Careers: How to Survive and Thrive After an Unexpected Blow to Your Career here at the College’s Grupp Fireside Lounge. Each spring semester, ComLead hosts a panel event in partnership with Women On The Rise on a topic that is bound to grab our audience’s attention, because their ideas are clever, innovative, and quite frankly even a little edgy.

Four professional women served as panelists for the discussion, telling stories of the devastating blows they took to their solid, or so thought, careers. Yet, better than this, they gave the audience hope, by explaining how they not only survived the loss of their job, but how they ultimately landed in a much better place both personally and professionally.

So who are these panelists that have showed the world what they’re made of? See here:

Left to Right: Rodriguez, Terreri, Austin, Yalamanchili

These ladies kept a room full of people hanging on to their every word, eagerly awaiting to hear how they prevailed through their difficult times. They gave courage and ambition to young professionals in the audience, while reigniting the passion and motivation for those further along in their careers.

Sharon Federico, an employee at the College as well as a student in the ComLead program says,

“The event was authentic, informative and inspiring with a panel of business women sharing their career challenges and how the outcome of their transformational journeys’ had positively affected them as individuals.  My only regret is that I didn’t record the session with all the worthwhile highlights and positive pieces of advice.”

Allison Braun, a Graduate Assistant in the College’s Advancement office as well as a ComLead student, had a similar appreciation of the evening, saying:

“The Women On The Rise event was thoroughly inspiring. I am lucky to have heard valuable accounts from distinguished women of struggle and triumph, determination and perseverance. I feel refreshed and ambitious as I strive for my goals after graduation.”

The ComLead program is proud to have such a wonderful partnership with Women On The Rise. The career advice, mentorship, and inspiration their members have given to our community of faculty, students and alumni is invaluable.

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