Presidential Election: Trump and Hillary Lead

Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Organizational Leadership

It is impossible to turn on the TV or log into social media without seeing something about the 2016 presidential election. As it should be.  We are deciding who the next leader of our country is going to be.  But it’s no secret that this has been one of the most controversial presidential elections in years.

Between Donald Trump’s constant antics and the world finding out Hillary Clinton had been using a private server for work emails, the presidential election has become as drama-filled as reality TV. And thanks to the media, we’ve all had a front row seat.

Hillary and Trump are currently the front runners for their respective parties and the media has played a big role. When no one knows or hears about the other candidates it’s going to help your numbers. But, when more of your coverage is negative than positive how long will the media be your friend? It may only be a matter of time before people see past the hype and start looking at the facts.

 Takeaway: The media is a powerful influence. Make sure you don’t let it affect your decisions.

Other factors are at play besides media manipulation. Our front runners are two people who have more negative press than the rest of the candidates combined. It comes down to us.  What are Americans looking for and what are we attracted to.

  • Trust– It doesn’t matter how or why. If you can build a support system, you’re golden. Hillary and Trump have proved that.
  • Similarity– People are looking for someone who is going to go to battle for their wants and needs. Americans hate lying politicians. Trump declared “I am not a politician” and gained support just like that.
  • Excitement– Reality TV reigns supreme in America. We like drama and excitement and the presidential election is no exception. People will support Trump and Hilary simply to see what ridiculous thing happens next.

Takeaway: It’s simple. Know your audience and know what they want.

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