This past Sunday 111.9 million people tuned in to watch the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  The event garnered enough viewers to make it the 3rd most watched broadcast in TV history.  It is the immense draw of this event that has made it the holy grail of advertising and the perfect venue for getting a message to the masses.

This year, both Budweiser and the NFL took advantage and used their commercial time to inform viewers on some serious issues. While the root of both messages is serious, they are conveyed in different ways.helen mirren

Budweiser recruited Helen Mirren for their “don’t drink and drive” commercial. The commercial features Mirren sitting at a table with a Budweiser and sharing her opinion on people who drink and drive.  Mirren states “If you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution.”  The overall tone of the commercial is a comical one but the seriousness of the message is never lost.

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Last year the NFL paired with Grey New York and No More to create a domestic violence and sexual assault awareness commercial. This year the three paired up again to share the same message. The commercial features a text exchange between friends (one who is at a Super Bowl party and one who seems to be at home with her significant other).  The ad ends with the phrase “There are many signs of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.” The hope is that this commercial will help more people spot these signs.

Click here to watch the commercial now

Both commercials address serious problems in our country today and even though they used different tactics to convey these messages they both can be viewed as effective.  The beauty of advertising is that the same message can be taken and conveyed in so many different and creative ways. This means that more people can be reached and more people can be informed about serious issues like the ones in these commercials.

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