Declutter Your Way to a Happier Life

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations, Organizational Leadership

How many people can look at the spaces they inhabit on a daily basis and say that every single space is clean and organized? Probably not many. Decluttering has become somewhat of a fad lately and books with tips and tricks to clean your spaces are popping up left and right. This leaves us to wonder why this idea is catching on and how do we jump on

Living in a cluttered unorganized space can affect you in more ways than one would think.  The first and most obvious would be your mental state. Living in an organized space can make you stressed and overall prevent you from operating at your highest level of productivity.

Living in clutter can also affect your health. Not only does high stress cause health issues but messy spaces can collect dust and prevent you from cleaning effectively which will ultimately lead to a slew of several other health issues.

The last and maybe most unexpected area of life that clutter can affect is your social life. Having to repeatedly spend an extra thirty minutes looking for the shirt or money you lost in your unorganized room will not only make you repeatedly late but it will leave your family and friends frustrated as well.

These three areas of life are all interconnected and suffering in one can often and will likely lead to more dissatisfaction in the others. So how do we fix this? Below are some tips on how to declutter and how to keep it that way.

  • Do just 5 minutes to start
  • Fill one trash bag
  • Once clean- put up a picture of the messy space so you remember what you DON’t want it to look like
  • Keep a list of all the positive effects of decluttering near your space to remind yourself why you should put that shirt away where it belongs

The advantages of living in a clean and organized space are many and the disadvantages are none. No one (well mostly no one) likes to clean but if you start small and with have a plan in mind you can declutter yourself to a happier life.

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