Value Your Value: The Art of Negotiation

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

This past Thursday, March 3rd, the Communication and Leadership Program teamed up with Women on the Rise Buffalo to host Value Your Value: The Art of Negotiation.  Women and men gathered at Montante Cultural Center to learn about negotiation skills and how to use them to continue to grow professionally.

Some of  Buffalo’s most successful professionals sat on the panel including Tim Finney-HR Advisor with Alcott HR, Joan Graci-owner and president of APA solutions, Emina Poricanin-Senior Associate Attorney at Hodgson Russ, and Diana Southall-co owner of HR Foundations. The facilitator was Althea Luehrsen- CEO of Leadership Buffalo as well as President/Owner of Strategic Solutions Group.


Below are just a few of the tips given by these expert panelists:

Be a Doctor-if you want others to see your point of view then you are going to make sure you understand what they are looking for, what the problem is and what they are asking of you. The only way to do this is to ask questions, and a lot of them.

Work for the hard boss– Does anyone WANT to work for a nightmare boss? No. But those are the people we should work for. You will gain more experience in 2 years working for a difficult boss than you would 5 years in another position.  We would never get anywhere in life if we ran the other way when things got hard. Work is no different.

Practice– Practice, practice, and more practice. Knowing how to present yourself in an interview could be the difference between you landing the job or never hearing back. Practice your answers to questions.  Know what you will say to sell yourself. Have a strong handshake and make eye contact. These are things that will set you a part from the rest.

Don’t apologize-This may arguably be one of the most important tips. Never apologize for trying to benefit and better yourself. If you want someone to believe that you are worth giving a job, raise, or promotion to than you need to show that you believe it yourself. Know your worth, Value your value.

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