ComLead Alumni Present at ECA 2016

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in ComLead, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations

Last week two Communication and Leadership alumni went to the Eastern Communication Association (ECA) Conference to present their capstone papers. Matt Gorczyca and Ashley Lipka presented at ECA along with professors, graduate, and undergraduate students..

Matt presented his paper on how intrinsic motivation influences millennials to give to not-for-profit organizations. This research was really a combo of his two main interests: millennials (since he is one) and not-for-profits (his career path). During his research he found that millennials do things differently than past generations.  Some implications from his research include:

  • Volunteering as a strong and successful engagement strategy for bringing on millennials
  • Not-for-profits need to market themselves and communicate with millennials differently
  • Not-for-profits need to embrace technology, explore new fundraising platforms and share their stories and opportunities with millennials

Overall, Matt said being able to attend and present at ECA was a fantastic opportunity.

“I work in the not-for-profit field, but communication feeds into every type of industry so it was interesting to hear what the latest research is on everything from health communication to social media.”

Matt feels he left the conference with not only a better understanding of his office setting but the industry he works in as well, making future opportunities for growth infinite.

Matt’s time in the communication and Leadership program has had a profound impact on his career thus far. Matt is the Communications and Engagement Coordinator at Hilbert College and has been able to take on more responsibility and new challenges in his job with confidence because of his experiences in the program, especially the class conversations and community based learning. Matt has planned, executed and led Hilbert’s Spring Giving Plan and will also be leading a young alumni campaign. These projects really allow him to blend the theory and research from the program with the practice of his own job. In Matt’s words “It’s a beautiful marriage.”

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