Unexpected Leaders Make Change for Maine

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Leadership can show itself in many ways and take on many forms and it is when it is most unexpected that it is most eye-opening.

A few weeks back the governor of Maine signed a bill that made lobsters the official state crustacean.  Since lobsters are largely associated with the state it is a wonder they have not been officially honored until now. It took a group of leaders to make a decision and follow-it through.

This group of leaders may not be who you expect. They are a group of 3rd graders from Brewer Community School in Brewer, Maine635953821122293081-040416lobster-bill. They were learning about their home state when they came to the realization that lobsters were not honored as the official state anything.

The Brewer students took it upon themselves to write letters to the state senators and representatives resulting in the creation of House Paper 1609 for consideration.  The class even went to the State House in Augusta to defend their case. After hearing from the students, Legislature’s joint State and Local Government Committee unanimously voted to send the bill to the floors of both houses. The bill passed in both the Maine House and the Main Senate and the State Governor Paul LePage came to Brewer Community School to sign the bill into law in front of the students.

A group of 3rd graders got together, made a decision and lead it straight through to success. And this is no small decision. From here on out children that come after them will learn about the state and that the state crustacean is a lobster. Most likely children around the country will learn this when the study the states. The reason this example of leadership is worth writing about is because often time’s people feel that they cannot make a change because they are too young, they don’t have the right connection, et cetera et cetera. This story is proof that truly anyone can be a leader and what an exciting thought that is.

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