Tasting & a Tour Success at 21 Brix Winery

Posted by on May 2, 2016 in ComLead

Communication and Leadership students, alum, friends, and family gathered at 21 Brix Winery on April 18th for a day of sunshine and wine. The group was greeted by Kris Kane, his wife Nicki (both Canisus Alum, Go Griffs!) and their children. The vineyards have been in Kris’ family for many years and he has been able to share that history with others through the opening of the winery.

Opening a winery and staying in the family business was not always Kris’ plan but it was apparent when he spoke that his passion for what he does and for those vineyards runs deep. After enjoying some afternoon drinks and snacks Kris took the group around to tour the vineyards and teach them about the different types of grapes. Then everyone went inside to see the production area and sample wine straight from the barrel.  Kris kriseducated the group on the wine-making process from beginning to end while managing to keep the delivery lighthearted and a smile on everyone’s face throughout.

The last and, arguably the best, part of the day was being able to taste some of the award-winning wines Kris had talked about throughout the tour. The variety was great allowing everyone to find something they enjoyed and many left with bottles of wine in tow.

Kris’ friendly demeanor paired with his vast knowledge for the business made for an engaging and enjoyable tour while the hospitable staff working behind the bar made for a tasting that was just as pleasant. Overall, a great day was had by all and a big thanks goes out to Kris, Nicki and everyone at 21 Brix Winery.

If you’re looking for a beautiful view, good wine, and great company then make sure to visit 21 Brix Winery on your next day off.

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