Capstone Presentations 2016: Relief and Excitement

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations, Organizational Leadership

This past weekend Communication and Leadership students presented their Capstones and celebrated the final leg of their graduate school journey.

Students work in collaboration with faculty on research for their capstones, a process that begins in August of their last year in the program and continue through fall and spring semester ending with the Capstone presentation in May. During the fall semester students work on their literary review and create a hypothesis grounded in theory and research. They are encouraged to focus on a topic within their concentration (Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations, or Organizational Leadership).  Their research is then submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review. Once they receive approval from the IRB at the beginning of spring semester students are able to collect data and analyze results. The last step of the process involves moving through the discussion of what the results mean.

Students in this group conducted research on a wide variety of topics, each unique in its own way. Some of these topics included the effects of social media and celebrity endorsements for not-for-profit organizations (Kaitlyn Munro), gossip in the workplace (Melissa Feron)  and how to increase buyer purchase intent through blogging (Nina Pierino) .

The goal is for these students to conduct research in a relatively new area.  Then, when they have completed this journey and come out on the other side with implications and findings they can share that information and use it in their future careers.

As expressed by Capstone student Jerry Theresanathan, this process is equal parts challenging and rewarding for these students and this past Saturday they were able to share the products of their hard work and dedication with friends, family, students, and faculty. They all testified that this process is one they will forever be thankful for and how the ups and downs throughout the process were truly worth it in the end.

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