Why Impression Management Matters to Businesses

Posted by on May 30, 2016 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations, Organizational Leadership

Every time we make an outfit choice or deliberate over what picture to post online we are taking part in impression management. Impression management is everything we do in order to manage or shape the impression people have of us and typically something we think of in relation to individuals. But, while the evolution of social media has given us even more ways to shape the way we are seen it has also opened doors for companies to join in.

Prior to social media it was much more difficult for companies to share and enhance their brand. Without the internet companies had to rely on word of mouth and direct experience to create an impression. Now, with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and countless other social media platforms companies have been given the tools to increase consumer awareness and share their visions. If companies want to stay competitive they need to be using social media and be using it effectively.

According to Inc.com companies should follow these 5 tips in order to have effective social media marketing.

  1. Engage with social media influencers and bloggers: find someone who is influential in your field or industry and ask them to endorse you.
  2. Live Streaming- give people a behind the scenes look into what your company does and let them see the culture and the faces behind the brand. This gives authenticity to your brand and will make people want to learn more.
  3. Social Media Advertising- Seeing ads on social media is one of the top ways users of social media find out about new products, new brands, and new services. So, if you haven’t looked into how to increase your advertising via social media-now is the time to do it.
  4. Offer special deals and promotions- Doing so will not only develop more loyal customers but a larger audience.
  5. Start an employee advocacy campaign- it’s much easier to get internal employees to advocate for your company than outside/external individuals. Encourage your employees to share their stories and what they love about your company.

There are several ways to increase presence on social media and in turn increase your customer base but the most important step is the first one, making the leap into social media. If you’re not a part of the movement by now than your already behind.


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