Under Armour Comes Out on Top

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

The best leaders both in and out of the workplace tend to fall under a specific category: Transformational Leadership. In an organization these people know how to link the goals of the organization and work to an employee’s value and self-concept. These types of leaders help their employees to internalize their work so that they are not-only self-motivated but also find meaning in what they are doing. These types of leaders form companies and organizations that people love to work at.

Speaking of places where people love to work, Under Armour showed up on LinkedIn’s U.S. list of Top Attractors- the companies where people want to work now. Under Armour was started 10 years ago by Kevin Plank with the help of his, now wife. When the Baltimore based company launched, Plank and his wife were the sole workers, now they have 14,000 employees. Plank is a transformational leader and the proof is in his actions and the enormous success of his company.

When asked about his success Plank talks about love, how employees need to feel love and in turn love what they do. He also talks about being on a team and everyone feeling equal within the company in terms of having a say and making a difference.

“We have a culture of people who feel like they own the company, whether they have equity or not. When they leave at night, they turn the lights off. Not because it’s a rule, but because they want to. They feel like this is their company.”

“You have to love the brand. You have to really love it, what it stands for, what the company values, the way it does things. We have that. Our teammates — we never use the word  “employee” — love our brand and our products.”

Under Armour is successful because the people who work for Under Armour work there because they want to. Because they believe in what the company stands for. Because they love the company and what it has set out to accomplish. These employees have internalized the goals and mission of the company and made them their own. Yes, the company throws amazing parties for their employees and they probably have a very good business plan but, in order to reach true and sustainable success, you need to create a group of workers who believe in the company as much as you do. That is what Kevin Plank has done and that is the power of transformational leadership.


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