To Survey or Not to Survey

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in ComLead

How many times in a week are you solicited to answer a survey?  Just today I bought a 6” sandwich at Subway and, after paying, the cashier says while handing me my receipt, “there’s a survey at the bottom and if you complete it you can get a free cookie!”  With today’s technology and marketing prowess it has become even easier to reach target audiences in order to get responses for whatever research is being done.  My email is slammed daily with “we want your feedback” and “are you interested in completing a short survey?” Please, it’s enough to want to leave a rock on your delete button just to siphon through them all; but I don’t.

Though the urge to ignore every annoying survey that comes my way is staggering I can’t help but remember back when I was doing research for my Capstone on the correlation between playing team sports and becoming a more competent communicator as an adult in the workplace.  I chose to do qualitative research and longingly searched for willing participants and being beyond grateful when someone agreed to answer my survey questions.  I remember commiserating with fellow graduate students on their quantitative research and the endless surveys they sent out in hopes of reaching the minimum respondents needed to validate their studies, our Master’s degrees depended on them.  So yes, I recognize that we are being inundated with surveys via all avenues for a slew of valid and useless research programs; however, I’m asking you to stop and instead of hitting delete or saying “no” perhaps take the time to answer one survey a week, a month, or as often as you can without feeling overwhelmed, too busy, or annoyed.  I speak from experience when I tell you the person receiving the data is ecstatic that you’ve taken the time to help reach their minimum number to ensure quantifiable and reliable data.

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Written by guest blogger Zita Juska, alum of the Communication and Leadership program

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