My First Year

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in ComLead

When I first heard about the Communication and Leadership program I wasn’t even looking to go into grad school. Now, I have just completed my first year. I first heard about the program when I attended an on campus event, sponsored by the Com Lead Department.  I went to this event not knowing a soul, and was absolutely amazed by the people I met from the program.  I had never heard people talk so highly about graduate school let alone a specific program. The way I saw alumni and current students interact as such a community made me want to learn more.  I met with faculty shortly after and my decision was quickly made to join the program and become a part of this wonderful community I had witnessed.

Before entering the Communication and Leadership program, I had thought about the idea of working in development at a nonprofit organization, but the thoughts did not go much further than that. I didn’t have goals or any knowledge of my strengths and abilities that may help me in this career path.  After my first semester in the program I noticed a drastic change.  The classes facilitated a lot of self-reflection, which helped me set specific goals, discover what my true strengths are and learn what I need to work on.

During my first semester, I began a position in the Alumni Department at Canisius College.  Taking classes while working full time was pretty intimidating at first.  But now, although it can be challenging at times, I find it to be an incredible experience to be able to apply what I learn in my classes to my job on a daily basis.  The professors, such as Father Bernard, do a fantastic job taking course material and showing us how to apply it to real world experiences.

Although the first year of the program flew by, I cannot believe how much I have grown academically and professionally in one year. It has already been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to what this final year has to offer.

Written by Guest Blogger and Communication and Leadership student Courtney Sullivan

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