Can Rex Ryan Lead Us to Victory?

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Organizational Leadership

Football Season is back in full swing and super fans are rallying around their hometown teams once again. Everyone is looking for a spot in the Playoffs and ultimately a big win at the Super Bowl. It takes a strategic and extremely talented team to make it all the way but most importantly it takes great leadership.

Just as you would expect with a manager at a company, a coach needs to possess certain leadership qualities in order to have a successful team. Listed below are a few of the top qualities that make a great leader according to

Commitment– A coach needs to show he is committed to his team through the good and the bad. They are all in it together.

Confidence– Coaches need to lead by example and show that they not only have confidence in the team but in each and every player to go out there and do their best.

Inspire– Think back to every locker room pump up speech you’ve ever seen. A coach sets the tone and can pick a team back up after a terrible half so that they can come back and win the game.

Rex Ryan is starting his second season as Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Fans are ready for a winning season and while things started out Rocky on Sunday, there may still be a glimmer of hope under Rex’s leadership. Everyone has their own opinions but looking at the qualities above, Rex has them all. Being a dedicated leader to his team has allowed him to earn the players respect and Eric Wood, Center for the Bills, stated that the team would “run through walls for him.” Rex has shown that he is committed to bringing the team and the city of Buffalo a championship, he exudes confidence in every statement he makes to press, and he is inspiring. He inspired the fans when he was first hired and he inspires his team. Whether Rex is the guy to lead the Bills to the Super Bowl is still unclear but he seems to be well-equipped to do so. Let’s hope he starts with a win tomorrow night!keep-calm-and-go-bills-7

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