Newest Trend in Travel-Digital Detox

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in ComLead

We live in a generation where technology is constantly evolving and with that it is allowing us to do more and more with the push of a button, or should I say the touch of a screen. The development of smart phones and social media has allowed us google any topic at any moment, look up reviews on a new restaurant, or communicate with others via a million different avenues.  However, these technological advances are both a blessing and a curse. People often find it hard now to “disconnect” whether it be from work or from fear of FOMO (Fear of missing out). There’s also the growing question of face- to-face communication and the effects technology is having on interpersonal skills.taber-no-cell-phones-allowed

So, how do we bring people back to the basics? We look to organizations such as Intrepid travel and hotels like the Renaissance Pittsburgh to remind us why it is important to put down your phone and iPad and appreciate the world around you.

In a “backlash against digital dependency” several travel organizations have chosen to “champion” unplugged vacations.  Intrepid Travel now has a specific category dedicated to digital detox trips which entails travelers to signing off on an agreement to ditch all digital devices including cell phones and cameras. Travelers receive notebooks where they can record their adventures and “on request” can have the trip leader send daily email updates to loved ones back home. Right now you can sign up for trips to Ecuador, India, Morocco, and Thailand with prices starting at $630 per person.

As previously mentioned, other industries are responding as well. Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh has created a digital detox package for families who are looking for a weekend sans technology. As part of the package “family members exchange their devices for a room stocked with board games and cards.”

While technology has allowed us to share some of our greatest travels and experiences with others, it has also taken away the magic of really experiencing something first hand and all that comes with it. Families are able to reconnect and really communicate with each other. As individuals, no-devices allowed guidelines will allow us to experience life in a whole new way. While some may be hesitant, these types of vacations are providing people with a real gift.

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