Exciting Moves in the World of Work-Life Balance

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

In our modern day America work life balance is something everyone knows we need but we are struggling to master. We are hard workers who don’t take breaks and have made work our life. But, by now we also know that taking mental breaks and getting away from work is not only beneficial but detrimental to a healthy mental and physical state of being. So, how do we get employees to actually take breaks and vacation? It seems like some companies have found the cure.

According to an article on CNN Money  some companies in the U.S. have started offering to pay for employee vacations. Yes, you heard that right, they will pay for you to go on a vacation. A Society of Human Resource Management survey on benefits in 2016 pointed out that about 3% of employers are now offering their staff a “vacation stipend” on top of their regular time-off pay. The way the expenses are covered varies from direct cash to reimbursement but the outcome is the same. Listed below are some companies who offer this novel perk.

We all could use a little R&R once in a while to refresh our minds and get recharged. It seems that offering some form of standard paid time off is more of an expectation now than a special benefit and just because employees have it doesn’t mean they feel like they are able to use it. But, when companies are actually offering to give you additional money towards your travels, I’m not sure many people could turn down that opportunity. It will be interesting to see if this trend begins to grow, in the meantime we’ll all be dreaming of faraway lands and hoping our company is next to join the movement.

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