Beat Stress and Embrace Positivity

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in ComLead

Everyone faces stress at some point in their life whether it is from work, school, relationships, so on and so forth. It is inevitable and sometimes even seems unmanageable. But, it is important to remember that is IS manageable and there are techniques to help do just that.

Stress not only effects are day to day living but studies now link it to long-term negative effects as well specifically in regards to our physical well-being. Research from Towers Watson shows the negative effects at work. Employees who have high levels of stress are less productive, have lower levels of engagement and higher absenteeism than employees who are not working under intense pressure or stress.

When we can learn to manage our stress and live more positive lives the benefits are vast. Some of these benefits at work include job security and having happier peers (this is due to the ripple effect-when we are negative or positive that spreads to those around us). A general benefit is the feeling of empowerment. When we manage our stress and allow ourselves to embrace positivity we feel more in control of our lives and empowered.

In the MBA 502 course at Canisius College students learn techniques for managing stress and embracing positivity. Listed below are a few of the ideas taught in the course.

  • Take Joy Breaks- think to a time when you were your happiest or most content. Imagine the smells, sounds, people, and place. Go and stay in that place for a minute or two.
  • Use visual cues- Keep things around you that will bring happiness in and decrease stress and negative energy. Pictures, quotes, and symbols of achievement work great.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation- Sometimes taking a moment to go through the things you are grateful for can help put your stress and negativity into perspective.

These techniques are simple and easy ways to quickly help you refocus on the positives and decrease stress. Next time you are feeling the pressure at work or in any life situation try one of these and enjoy the positive effects.

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