Old Friends

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication

Tens of Millions of us tuned in on Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade– a staple tradition in many households and families. This year was special though. This year marked the Parade’s 90th anniversary, and to celebrate, they aired their first commercial specifically centered on the big event.

For those who were not watching, the commercial was every bit as warm and magical as you would picture it to be. It was a great advertisement and the kind that left you feeling  all sorts of sentimental.

The 60 – second TV spot named “Old Friends” told the story of a boy and a Santa Claus float from the parade. It begins shmacys_old_friends_santaowing the Santa float winking at a boy in the parade crowd. The commercial goes on to show the boy growing older but still sharing that same wink with Santa as he stands in his same spot each year. But then the man in missing and the float breaks away and travels to find the man, now much older, and sitting in his home by a window. The man and Santa share a moment before the float leaves to join the parade once again.

Why is this commercial such a great depiction of good advertising? Because Macy’s listened to its customers and created a commercial that would speak to them and their values. Macy’s found that they are seen as a brand that brings friends and family together and Amy Kule, group VP- Macy’s parade and entertainment group, explained that everyone has their own, individual parade story that is “intimate and emotional.” Macy’s took this idea and found a way to weave it into the core of the commercial.

As we enter the holidays, we will be bombarded with millions of advertisements for toys, clothes, gadgets, the list goes on and on. While I’m sure Macy’s is hoping that spending money on their merchandise will be a beneficial side effect of this commercial, it was refreshing to see an ad where the main focus was on something other than a product, but instead on a feeling. The ad is said to run through the end of the holiday season so we can expect to see this heartwarming story told a few more times at least.

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