Great Super Bowl Ad, But was it the BEST?

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Millions of people tune in every year to watch the Super Bowl while eating never-ending amounts of food with friends and family. Whether the majority of these people are tuning in to actually watch the sport or to watch the commercials is yet to be determined. Whether the it is shocking, hilarious, emotional, or innovative, people are expecting these ads to be the best of the best.

Then, like clockwork, we all spend the next few days discussing the best and most memorable commercials. But just because an ad is memorable or had mom, dad, grandpa, and baby sister laughing does not mean that it was necessarily effective. But why you say? An ad may be memorable but if there isn’t a direct connection to the company people may remember the ad and forget who it was for. In the same regard a company could put out a heart-warming commercial spot but not see an increase in sales because it didn’t provoke people to act and go buy the product.

So how do we determine whether these ads are really as great as we think? David Warschawski, CEO and founder of Warschawski – a national full service marketing communications agency, has come up with what he calls the BEST model to help us out.

  • Brand-Centric — Does it reinforce the brand and what makes the brand unique?
  • Emotional Connection — Does it make an emotional connection?
  • Stand Out — Does it stand out from its competitors and is it memorable?
  • Target Achieved — Does it have a clear target audience and does it achieve a business goal with that target?

So next year when you’re chatting at the water cooler about all the great commercials from the past weekend you can give your two cents on which ad you thought was the BEST.

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Information from the article Here’s what Makes a Great Super Bowl Ad


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