Happiness is Just Around the Corner

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in ComLead

Happiness. It is our greatest pursuit in life. Everyone wants it but unfortunately not everyone know how to find it. But, happiness is not a destination. It is an emotion that ebbs and flows and will come and go. Finding happiness is not all that difficult either although some may like to think so. We all have the ability to find happiness every day and sometimes it is in the most unsuspecting ways. We can also make our own happiness. We don’t need to wait for something to come along in order to smile or laugh. We have control of that.

Dr. Ryan Niemiec wrote a blog on viacharacter.org titled The Happiness Exercises you’ve Never Heard Of. In it, he listed some simple ways to bring happiness into your life. Some of his suggestions are listed below.d3bbb2170b7fffe3191e5d24f11fc2bf_happy-face-clipart-smiley-smiley-face-doctor-clipart_1024-1024

• Write a letter from your future self to your current self, detailing all of the goals you have accomplished and how positive your life is.
• Write down or remember three funny things that happened to you today
• Write or think about a time in your life when a negative event actually had an unexpected positive outcome.
• Temporal Scarcity – think about a destination point in your life (graduation, retirement, etc.) and write about how important your current situation is. Think about how precious time can be.

This list only touches the surface of all the great suggestions out there waiting to be practiced. Do some research, find other ways to incorporate happiness into your life. But, make sure to do at least one thing each day to bring even the smallest bit of happiness. Life is too short to go a day without it.

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