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Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in ComLead

This blog was originally going to be written on the “real reason” companies (the 1-2%) offer unlimited vacation days. While that is still interesting in its own right, the idea led to an even more interesting and important one – the real reason why everyone needs to travel in their life. For one, this statement is automatically supported by the fact that the first article on unlimited vacation days was even written. People need to get away which is why the idea of work not limiting this action is so compelling.

Just because everyone needs a vacation though doesn’t mean people all take one and even if they do it doesn’t mean they are using that time to go anywhere but their own backyard. That’s why we have listed below 8 reasons to pack your bags and go travel.Camera, Photos, Photograph, Paper Prints

  • It helps you learn about yourself
  • It allows you to create meaningful relationships with new people as well as strengthen existing ones with your travel partners
  • It helps you move forward in life
  • It will give you a lifetime of memories
  • You will challenge yourself in new and great ways
  • It will break you out of a pattern or rut

And a few that you can use to justify taking the time off of work…

  • It will inspire you – being inspired can mean nothing but good things for your mindset and productivity at work
  • It will educate you – experiencing different cultures will help you be more well-rounded and can benefit you in any job when working and communicating with people of various backgrounds.

Seeing more and doing more will broaden your horizons and change your perspective on all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in your home country or travel abroad, as long as you are getting out there. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go exploring!






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