Mindfulness at Work- 5 Easy Tips

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Mindfulness at work: 5 ways to be more present (and more productive)

It is easy to get caught up in emails, the constant buzzing of the work group chat, ringing phones, and ever-changing plans at work that it can become impossible to focus on one thing at time.

Here are five activities that you can do to be mindful during the workday to help refocus the mind and decrease stress.

  1. Stop. When things get overwhelming, take a minute and pause. Bring to mind three things you are grateful for. It is easy to get caught up in negative emotions.
  2. Set boundaries. Feel like you’re taking work home with you? Don’t check emails on the weekend. Silence the group work chat. Make decisions to separate yourself from work, even if it’s just taking a short break.
  3. Breathe. Simply focusing on the sensation of breathing can help calm, refocus, and relax the body. As thoughts come, gently refocus the mind on the breath. Breathe in awareness for a minute or two.
  4. Don’t be critical. Let go of unnecessary judgments. We cannot change the past and we cannot see the future.
  5. Be present. What is happening in the present moment? Where are you right now? Simply taking a couple of seconds to notice what you are doing at the present moment can be enough to refocus the mind.

Why choose mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness benefits you. It has been linked to decreased stress and anxiety and can increase productivity, teamwork, and innovation.
  • Benefits those around you. When you’re calmer, it helps ease those around you and makes you a better listener.
  • Makes you a better leader. Mindfulness has been linked with improved communication and relationship quality.

Helpful introductions/practices

  • Headspace. There are mini meditations tailored for all kinds of situations, from dealing with anxiety to improving patience.
  • http://www.mindful.org/at-work. This website is full of ideas for implementing mindfulness at work and provides research-based articles with evidence for mindfulness effectiveness.

Our Guest blogger: Kristen McAuley – Comlead graduate ’14, Multimedia Specialist at Penn State University 


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