Hurricane Harvey’s Need For Philanthropy

Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 in ComLead, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others. With this, the most generous form of philanthropy is in the donation of money to causes that deserve it.

As difficult as times of disaster can be, they also bring out the greatest of philanthropists in all of us. It is no surprise that companies such as the American Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations gain the most amount of donations and support in times of disaster. The ongoing turmoil in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of this. When there is obvious distress, people are more likely to dig into their pockets to try to help. And in the age of social media we are able to witness the effects of this terrible storm more intimately than any before.

In the case of Hurricane Harvey, groups such as the Central Texas Food Bank in Austin have insisted that the need for financial assistance in this difficult time outweigh the need for donations of supplies. NPR spoke with experts in the nonprofit field who explained their reasoning behind this statement. Many people feel the need to donate clothing and supplies to disaster relief groups, but with the severity of the storm at hand those items would not be as beneficial as cash donations. Due to the destruction of accessible roads there is no way for these groups to store or even distribute products to the victims. What they need is financial assistance to groups that will be able to provide the aid needed such as shelters and kitchens.

An important reminder when donating to disaster relief and nonprofit organizations that are assisting with Hurricane Harvey is that this is just the beginning. Keep in mind that the victims affected may actually need more help in a month when they have to rebuild their homes then they do right now. Recovering from a terror such as Hurricane Harvey will be an ongoing process that the media will play less of a role in with time.

Here is a link to a source of websites and organizations that are accepting donations to aid Hurricane Harvey by the Huffington Post: Here’s How To Help The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Resources: NPR article Want To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims? Experts Say Donate Cash

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