Importance of Having a Passion

Posted by on Sep 5, 2017 in ComLead, Organizational Leadership

Passion is a trait that is often overlooked by potential employees when they interview for new positions. What really separates an individual from another and helps them to stand out in front of an employer? Having a passion.

Now this does not just mean a passion for the job being asked or the organization as a whole, it just means being driven. What motivates a person to get through their day? Is it there love for animals, a sports team, or a particular band? No matter what the topic is this can help distinguish you because it shows that you have some kind of drive.

If you have a passion for football stats then you may also grow to have a passion for your work. Not only this, but having a passion requires a certain level of dedication. It shows that an individual has loyalty and can put their heart into the things that they care about. A passion also shows discipline. If you have ever spoken to a musician then you will easily understand how much discipline their practice requires whether it be practicing their chords every day or expanding their vocal range through repetitive practice.

If a potential employee shows no sign of a passion then will that show through to their work ethic? This is not always the case but it can be likely. If there is nothing driving you then will your work just become another mundane task or will it become something that you could grow a support and loyalty for?

A passionate employee is a valuable employee so keep that in mind when networking and meeting potential employers.


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