International Day of the Girl

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October 11 was declared International Day of the Girl by the United Nations in 2012 and its main purpose is to “address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights”. On its fifth birthday, 2017 is the year of empowerment to encourage women to keep persevering through adversity and conflict. For this reason, many agree to dedicate today to Malala Yousafzai.

Five years ago she took a bullet in the head for advocating for girls’ education and on October 9 she attended her first lectures at Oxford University. Through her survival she has continued to fight against oppressors and stands as a beacon of hope today for girls everywhere.

As Malala would say, her story is special but it is not unique. She is one of millions of girls throughout the globe who was denied the right to do something based on their sex. On this International Day of the Girl we should focus on Malala because the greatest gift that she has given the world is her voice. With it she has advocated for the empowerment of women everywhere which is what today is all about.

So how can you participate in International Day of the Girl celebrations?

  • Check out for ideas and potential events near you.
  • Send Malala Yousafzai words of encouragement as she begins her first semester of college. (Better yet, head to MalalaFund to donate now to support educational opportunities for girls).
  • Follow Shelley Zalis’ social media prompts to encourage girls to pursue positions of power here.
  • Watch Wonder Woman, the 2017 film that not only broke box office records but also gave women their first female superhero movie.
  • Check out these books: Writing our Rights, TIME FIRSTS Women Who Are Changing the World, and many more that you can find here!

There are countless other ways to join in and while everyday should be a celebration of human rights, let today be a celebration of girls’ empowerment.

Resources: How to celebrate International Day of the Girl

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership

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