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Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk staring at open documents and unread emails and wondering why you can’t seem to find the will to do any of it? It would be a wonder if anyone actually claimed that they never found themselves in this position, and what helps them get out of it? For some it is a quick snack, a stretch break, or a walk around the block, but for many others it is music. And there is scientific reason backing music’s ability to recharge the working mind.

Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not music is beneficial to them while they are working, but music therapists have reported the substantial benefits involved in listening to music and productivity and motivation. Depending on the personality some people can listen to music for an entire shift, while others just need 15-30 minutes to allow themselves a chance to refocus. This small break allows the busy mind to concentrate for a moment which can improve the productivity of the worker in turn.

While it varies from individual to individual, the act of listening to music is known to stimulate more than just the auditory processes in your brain. Your attention span, your fine motor skills, and your memory are all activated when listening to music, and it has been shown to help the mind “wake up” during long lulls at work.

As you might expect, music without lyrics is typically the most beneficial to workers trying to finish up intricate tasks since words can be seen as distracting. But to break up mundane and repetitive jobs, lyrical music can be the driving force that helps you finish off a series of mail mergers or web designs.

It is important to note that not everyone works better when music is playing, but it definitely has its perks when you consider the overall mood of the worker and their production rate and quality.

Music is so much more than just entertainment, it is fuel for the mind which helps our brains get to work and focus. Next time you contemplate eating a snack in order to get the wheels turning in your head again, consider popping in some headphones and taking a moment to listen to some music. Whether it be your favorite artist or a motivation playlist, let the music recenter your mind and then get back to work.

Resources: The Science Backed Ways Music Affects Your Brain and Productivity

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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