What Will We Be Remembered For?

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in ComLead

Over the past weekend Something Rotten finished its run at Shea’s Performing Arts Center where it spent the past six days taking audiences on a trip into the past to recreate the cultural beauty of the Renaissance through song and dance.

As a member of the audience you were reminded of all of the incredible contributions that this time period had left on the world from its invention of the printing press to its exploration of the new world to the beauty of the works of Shakespeare. If you are at all like myself then you probably have not reviewed your knowledge of the history of the Renaissance since your early high school years, but something that has stood out in my recent review was that the people alive during this time did not actively think of life as a part of The Renaissance.

When you’re living in a moment you don’t always take the time to acknowledge all of the greatness happening around you every day. But then centuries later our history books adamantly remind us that those times such as the Renaissance were a time to be celebrated. And tourists flock year round to visit some of the greatest pieces of art that stemmed from that period and performers still act out the works of Shakespeare and all of the other greats.

So the moral of this little story is… do you ever stop to think about how the world will view the time period that you are living in today? Is this the age of Speaking Out? The age of Fighting Congress? The Twitter age? Culture of the Selfie and FOMO? Is it going to be frowned on or will historians in the future say that the time of “2018” was a great time to be alive because it was filled with cultural and political movements, etc. etc. etc.?

Something that we as humans historically forget to do is enjoy things as they are happening. We are notorious for the “#throwback to when things were better” and often overlook that things are pretty good right now too.

So take a minute and think for a bit about everything that has happened in the past decade and what the road ahead seems to look like. What do you think we will be remembered for?

Devon Bradley, Communication & Leadership ’19

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