Tips To Inspire Creativity

Posted by on Mar 19, 2018 in ComLead

Tips To Inspire Creativity

Creativity does this very inconvenient thing where it stops coming to you when you feel like you need it the most. And then it seems like the harder you try to come up with a clever idea or to make something unique, then the harder it is to get an idea.

So here are a couple of tips to help stir the creativity in your head and get those juices flowing:


  1. Have a creative space – It can be difficult to come up with a fresh idea when you are sitting somewhere boring. So find a space that helps trigger what it is that you want to consider like a park bench or a coffee shop.
  2. Listen to some tunes – Spotify is full of playlists for every need from motivation to Italian dinner music. So browse the options or come up with your own and let it be the background music to your next project.
  3. Take a walk – Not only does this get your blood flowing, but walking stimulates the brain because of the changes in your surroundings. Some advertising agencies actually encourage their associates to get out of the office and walk when they start to feel like they are falling into a “block”.
  4. Switch the routine – Routines are very comforting, aren’t they? Sometimes that can be exactly why you can’t seem to find a good idea. You are too comfortable. Order your coffee differently or take a different route to work. Just do something out of the ordinary and you may be surprised at the inspiration you find.
  5. Keep a journal – This one seems daunting but it isn’t as big of a commitment as you may think. A journal doesn’t have to be a diary, just pick it up whenever you feel something and jot it down or sketch it out. That way you can look back on it when you need some creative drive.
  6. Pause your social media – Well this one is especially hard but if nothing else is helping then why not? Take a chunk of time every night where you don’t turn to social media when you feel stuck. Or even take it so far as to not check it for a day or a week and see where your mind takes you.

Any other ideas? Send them our way!

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership 

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