Benefits to Spring Cleaning

Posted by on Apr 16, 2018 in ComLead

Spring cleaning does more than just spruce up your home or office. While spring cleaning can be daunting after a long (or seemingly endless) winter, there are many benefits to cracking down and cleaning up when the season changes, such as:

  1. It burns calories – Ever notice how much work really goes in to cleaning up? Cleaning gets you active and moving about physically and gets your heart going too.
  2. Breathe better – When you vacuum and dust your home or general work space you are cleaning the air that you then have to breathe in. You’re taking away the allergens and dust and giving your lungs something easier to take which can help with seasonal allergies.
  3. More company! – When you feel proud of how good your space looks and how fresh it feels then you are more willing to host a gathering. Plus having a clean space to host is always a good excuse to see the people you couldn’t get together with all winter.
  4. You find things! – One of the best things about cleaning your room is the amount of things you find that you either forgot you had or haven’t seen since last spring, and that specific item you have been missing could be a lot closer than you think.
  5. Better mood – The act of cleaning itself doesn’t necessarily put you in a good mood, but the finished product likely will! You will feel fresh and proud when you have accomplished the task you have been putting off all winter (or longer in some cases) so just go for it because the reward will outweigh the cost of getting to it and it will reduce your stress as well.
  6. Improves productivity – Similarly, when you are working with a more organized and spiffy area then your mind is able to focus more. You don’t have the prospect of cleaning up nagging at your mind and you can tune in to what is important.

As someone who is not overly neat and tidy, here are some reasons why you (myself included) might want to consider following the Spring Cleaning trend.

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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