Vitality of Fundraising Events for Nonprofits

Posted by on Apr 23, 2018 in ComLead, Managing Not-For-Profit Organizations

It may seem like an ill-advised use of funds to coordinate a massive event in the name of raising money for a nonprofit organization, but galas, donor dinners, and fundraising events are actually very effective at preserving the life of a nonprofit (as long as you don’t go overboard on planning expenses).

With a large event where donors of the organization can all come together and essentially celebrate that organization, you are doing more than just raising money. So here are some of the many benefits to nonprofit events:

  1. Money – If you do it right, you can raise a lot of money within a set period of time. While hopefully the event is not your only revenue throughout the year, a fundraising event can be a major boost as long as it compensates what you spent to put it on.
  2. NETWORKING – Events are a major opportunity for an organization to network with some of their biggest donors by schmoozing and showing them gratitude. In addition, these events are perfect for potential donors and if you do it right, you can earn your organization a hefty amount of new donors in the aftermath.
  3. Fun! – Who doesn’t love a night of conversing, entertainment, catered food and booze? Tack on the fact that the guest is there in honor of an organization that they already appreciate and you have yourself a very good time.
  4. You can leave with your hands full (even if your pockets are empty) – Many nonprofit events such as galas will feature silent or live auctions. These auctions are a fun way to engage your guests and essentially to encourage them to spend more money. And with this they not only get a write off for their taxes, but they could walk out with something really neat!
  5. Publicity – With a big event under your wing your organization looks established and wanted. Not only that but feature some great photo opportunities with your name in the background and you have a wonderful PR move that is cost-effective and stirs a big buzz around your organization’s name.

While there are plenty more than this here are a couple of the top reasons why a nonprofit organization should not shy away from coordinating events for their biggest supporters.

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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